Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I found this great old picture at a yard sale the other day. Now I just have to find the perfect spot for it... decisions, decisions.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Things I learned on vacation

We are so blessed, every year we get to go to Sun River, Oregon. It is so beautiful and serene. I am very lucky to have in-laws who spoil us with a week long family vacation. Here are a few things I learned this year in Sun River:

Looking through holes in the deck to the ground below equals hours of entertainment. OK, not hours, maybe minutes. But hey, minutes of not fighting sure is nice.

 If you buy a boy a Duck sweatshirt; he'll want to wear it everyday.

 Matching mommy-daughter gladiator sandals are a must.

Everyone looks good in black, even babies.

we should invest in a jacuzzi tub

  Cousins that bathe together, stay together.

Getting to see REAL firetrucks, just like the one's daddy works on are pretty cool. 

True story.

If you try to tell this joke to your husband; he won't laugh, like you thought he would. Em.barr.essing.

Being able to wear the same swim outfit two years in a row saves $$$.

Bouncy houses are the bomb.

If you buy this shirt, he will live up to it's name.

Crowds, heat, and no naps make little girls grumpy.

  petting zoo's and lil' sebastian look a-likes are smelly. 

If you give your husband permission to go to the Nike outlet; he will come back with shoes.

Cutest store in the old mill district of Bend. Should be renamed ' $100 dollar store'.

Water socks are a necessity at the kiddie pool (the bottom of the pool is like sand paper after a few hours). Bloody feet = party foul.

Your baby girl will decide it's the appropriate time to grow up. Learning how to clap,wave, pull her self up to her knees, and sit up by herself in one week's time. Stop it young lady, you are suppose to be my baby.

twenty minute car ride naps are not fun for anyone while traveling.

Your dining room will look like this and stay like this after you unload the car.

It's sure good to be home.


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