Monday, September 24, 2012

True love is:

 Let me set up the situation for you...

Date night.

Olive garden.

*A cold that may turn into a sinus infection.

While eating my eggplant parmigiana and simultaneously trying to eat and breath through my mouth. Classy. (my worst nightmare; people think that I'm a mouth breather for realzees).

Where was I, oh right, while eating and chatting with the handsome hubby, mid conversation he said. "um, you have snot that's about to run out of your nose". Without skipping a beat went back to telling me about random things about his week away.

God, I love that man. Thank you for him.

True love is: even when I have snot running out of my nose and I'm a temporary mouth breather, he still thinks I'm the most beautiful woman in the world. How do I know? He tried hitting on me a few seconds after I wiped the snot away with a tissue.


* I know I should have done the responsible thing and stayed home in my condition. But when someone gives you a free night of babysitting AND a gift card to olive garden. There is only one thing to do, man up and take a Sudafed.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The king over throws the queen

If the title confuses you, what I mean to say is we got a new bed! We got rid of our queen and went for the mac daddy of them all; The King. Not just any mac daddy, we splurged and got the tempur pedic cloud. I know, totally ridiculous. But as my wise sister in-law says " you can't put a price on comfort". Amen sista. Amen.

 Last night was the first night sleeping on it. How does it feel? One word. AMAZING! I usually toss and turn because my hips and lower back hurt and I have to sleep with a pillow in between my legs for extra support. That is a thing of the past I am completely supported from head to toe. In short, it was WORTH. EVERY. PENNY.

Even Everett approves!


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