Monday, June 20, 2011

My rockin' sister in- law

I feel very blessed to have awesome sister in laws, God may not have blessed me with biological sisters but he definitely made up for it when I married into the McMullin clan. I want to focus on one particular sis- in law, today. (don't worry kalynn, if you read this I'll have to designate another post on you another day :)) My amazing sis, Whitney. She is at times like my home decor/design twin, I could walk into a store pick out something and 99% of the time she would love it just as much as I do. {This makes gift giving time a breeze, as well}. So lo and behold when she found an amazing sight called pinterest:  

source found here
It's a really cool site where you can browse thousands of images from around the Internet from shoes to vintage door knobs, whatever people find interesting they can "pin it" onto their personal boards, much like if you were to cut out images from magazines and put them up onto a bulletin board. It's a bit exclusive you  do have to request an invite to become a member {sometimes you can be put on a wait list} or have an existing member give you an invitation, hence why my sister in-law rocks, she invited me! So now I can become addicted enjoy this website anytime. 

source found here
And if it interests you, I have 6 invitations I can give out as part of being an existing member. I would just need your e-mail address to invite you*. BEWARE: it is addicting, your husbands or significant others may come to loathe pinterest, just don't tell them I'm to blame :)  

* totally free website just have to register your email account and come up with a password in order to login.

Friday, June 17, 2011

mirror numero dos

You may have noticed here and here that there is a new mirror hanging out on my entry way table. I realized I never blogged about it, yet and figured it was high time I let you in on it's transformation. Way back in January I picked up this mirror at yet another thrift store for $20.

I swear I do shop at "regular" stores, my logic is that if I save where I can in my home, I can justify bringing home a $70 lamp, or $100 rug because my accent chair was $4 and my console table was $5, does this make any sense to anyone other than me? Who knows maybe I'm crazy or just trying to justify my actions. Anyways back to the mirror, here is what this beauty looked like before I got my hands on it:

I painted it with a tester I had laying around that my sister in-law gave me, called 'rainwater' by Martha Stewart.I also made it looked distressed with some black and grey paint I had as well, I couldn't sand it down to distress it since this piece was plastic.   

{during the painting process}

It may or may not have stayed partially painted , for I don't know say 5 months and shoved in our room before I got around to finishing it 2 weeks ago. I didn't really have the motivation to finish it because I had no idea where I was going to put it, its quite large,{23" wide and 50" long}. Until, I found my console table, it fit perfectly among my pretty frames and the other mirror.  

closer detail of the mirror 

*linking to miss mustard seed:furniture feature friday  

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I have been seriously debating on whether or not to paint my console table yellow. I'm a little scared, yellow is such a bold color and one that I've never used in my house before. So I need you, my "readers" all 4 of you to help me decide. Yellow, or white

Some color inspiration:

Here are some paint swatches I picked up, they look much darker on camera then they are in real life. 

This first picture is of 'yellow star' by better homes and gardens, a tad on the mustard side but I think once I've distressed and stained it, it may tone it down. {notice the hardware I picked up for my console table as well}.

The second one is 'yellow magnolia' by Martha Stewart, not as bold as the first option and a little less mustardy looking as well. Hmmm, decisions, decisions. Goes well with my cheap art project, huh?

And this last picture is what my console table looks like in it's current state, I painted it an off white color that was a paint tester for the kids' room. Pretty, simple, timeless or is it predictable? Keep in mind that, my behemoth of a armoire will eventually get painted white, and my accent chairs and sofa will be slipcovered in white as well. Like I said decisions, decisions. Now you know why I need you're help. 

Monday, June 13, 2011

a little art project

Here's a little something I whipped up on a lazy sunday evening, after my little E went to sleep. My lovely friend ashley inspired me to make these after I "filled a frame"{patent pending,j/k} for her, check it out, here.

And if you feel the urge to get creative here is how I did it. 

Step one- Find pretty scrapbook paper in coordinating hues.

Step two- have or buy inexpensive frames, mine are from the $ tree, target {from 3 years ago, yeah it took me this long to put something in them}, and one is from my mother in-law. I spray painted the ones I didn't love "as-is" with my trusty heirloom white by rustoleum. 

Step three- cut paper to size and add words, embellishments,stickers or initials. Having a cricut helps, or knowing someone who does. 

*all I can keep thinking of when I look at these pictures are, I need a new camera!!!

There it is the some what finished product, now onto painting and fixing that console table. 


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