meet the family

Handsome Hubby a.k.a. Bryan:

He stole my heart when I was 16, so I stole his last name four years later. He is the sweetest, funniest, most loving man I've ever known. He has always been such a blessing and easy on the eyes since the day I set my sights on him in home room.


Full of spunk, tenacity, and a gentle heart. Lover of babies, snuggles, and Eskimo kisses. His laugh is contagious and he has dimples for days. He is our little man.


 Her name means: Life and she lives up to it. She is a sweetheart with big blue caring eyes, so beautiful it hurts and a flare for the dramatics. She is our baby girl.

Me, Little Miss Vintage:

I'm a 27 year old momma of two, lover of all things art, thrifting, fashion, and re-designing our first little mid-century ranch.  

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