Wednesday, July 7, 2010,Renovating,and Home Building!

I stumbled upon this website the other day while searching for decorating ideas on the web. I'm hooked, once you start looking at all the pictures that people have posted you just can't stop! It's easy to use, just create your own account for FREE and start uploading pictures that either inspire you or places around your house you have designed. You can even get advice and tips on how to make your space more polished. This website is a great tool to gain inspiration for decorating, and to find your sense of style. Another cool feature is that each person who posts pictures can create tags for different items shown in the room i.e. zebra rug, brown sofa, etc. Once you click on these tags it will pop up a whole new page of amazing rooms with those items in it. Beware this website is ADDICTING!!! you can and probably will spend hours gazing at deliciously designed spaces, I know I do! Okay, okay maybe for as long as my little bubs will nap for but that's beside the point.
Check it out!

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