Sunday, March 4, 2012

We work quick

 A fun little memory, taken before leaving the hospital after the birth of both our children. 

 Look at us, a couple of ramshackle new parents. Totally exhausted, totally naive, and totally in love with our newest addition to our family. {Everett Leo McMullin 1-2-2010}

 We don't waste anytime do we? In and out of the hospital in about 24 hours; I wouldn't call us seasoned pros, but pretty darn close {har, har}. Don't we look bright eyed and bushy tailed? We must have forgotten about the first go-around. We are so happy to have our little prince and now our princess. Life feels pretty darn complete. 
{Zooey Jane McMullin 10-14-2011}


  1. You two are so cute! I'd like to see a picture of you up at 3 am rocking Zooey back to sleep. Can you work that out?

  2. I can more than guarantee that neither of us would be smiling in that picture.

  3. you have 9 months to make a third year of it...

  4. oh mindi, you make me laugh. If that happened that poor baby would be living in the laundry room or hall closet. (we have a 2 bedroom house). :)



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