Tuesday, January 25, 2011

When Amber met Chair

An homage to one of my favorite rom-com's (romantic-comedy) : 
When Harry met Sally.

But in my story it's more like:
Girl meets chair, chair meets girl, girl falls in love with chair, etc.
You get the point.
I've fallen hard for an old, stained, rough around the edges, burnt orange, seen better days chair.  
But I'm leaving out one important detail, OK maybe two,
this love story almost never happened. 
And here's why, I found my old chair two weeks ago at one of the thrift stores I frequent. I went to the
top floor where they have most of their furniture,  and as I was walking in the isles of old recliners and nightstands, 
there it was, 
this chair that had beautiful lines, intact caning, and... and a big fat sold tag on it! My heart sank, someone else could see the potential of this beautiful chair, and beaten me to the punch, again. I left the store feeling a little bummed, having been thwarted once again in my attempts to find the perfect piece of furniture to re-vamp. 
But don't loose hope, this story has a happy ending. 
My aunt came to visit baby E and I yesterday, and after lunch she casually mentioned we go to that same second hand store. 
I walked upstairs to check out their furniture again, and my chair was still there!!! 
It didn't make any sense!?! 
MY chair was suppose to be long gone, sitting in somebody else's garage or shop getting reupholstered and painted. So I found an employee, asked him about the sold tag on it, because it said to be picked up 
on Friday, September 24??? 
He informed me that it was an old tag, and that
 someone must have forgotten to remove it. I took it to the front counter and since he couldn't find a price tag on it, said "how about $4". 
At that point, I think I had a brain aneurysm because, I'm pretty sure he said $4 dollars!!!!!!! I don't remember much after that. 
I quickly paid for the chair, and got the H.E. double hockey sticks outta there before they realized they sold me a chair for only four dollars when they were selling similar broken chairs for $10! 
(*note thinking about it now and me, striving to be an honest christ following woman, and all, since I knew that information before hand I should have offered $10. I gladly would have paid that, since I thought that's what he was going to say. ) 
But in my defense brain aneurysm? Remember. At the very least struck in dumbfoundedness? Anything... anything?
Anyways, I'm totally head over heels in love with my awesome chair that I scored for only four dollars. And I cant wait to try my hand at reupholstering and painting it.  

And we lived happily ever after. 
See I told you it had a happy ending :)


  1. I have the sister chair... or the mama chair... maybe the daddy chair? Ours is burnt orange as well... in our master bedroom, holding a TON of outgrown boy clothes in need of a plastic bin. Thanks chair.

  2. I love that chair! I can't wait to see what you do with it.



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