Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Lucky Day

Today was one of those days when the design/thrifty/frugal stars aligned for me,I just happened to stop by one of my "go-to" second hand stores.You may remember reading about one of my other finds here. So back to the goods, lookey at what I found...

Sorry this photo is a little blurry, what you get for holding a baby and trying to take an iPhone photo inconspicuously

The first is a lovely microfiber couch I scored for $100, seriously people it is brand spankin' new it might as well of been wrapped in plastic. They were asking $150 for it but thanks to the encouragement of my hubby {the seasoned pro at negotiating} I offered 100 bucks and they took it. :)

just envision me doing any variation of one of these dances {on the inside of course} a.k.a. my happy dance. 
On to score #2 a very cute shabby chic table that was perhaps used as part of a vanity set, but will now become a console table for our living room. EEK! I'm so excited, yes it is missing a drawer (bummer) but I'll figure something out I'm sure. Best of all, it was $5! Yes no typo there, $5. See what I mean about the design/thrifty/frugal stars aligning for me today. Aaamozing! *whit that last line was for you, hope you can guess the show ;)



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