Tuesday, May 7, 2013

oh, yeah. Remember how I was re-upholstering a chair?

Um, so yeah it may be almost a year since I decided to re-upholster my first chair. Let me tell ya, it's been difficult. Not because of the project itself, over all I'd say it's been pretty darn easy. Finding the TIME has been another thing. My husband took a job last year that required him to be gone 5 1/2 days a week, so mommy free time was very few and far between! And then winter came and we have no garage so I didn't feel like painting an old chair in 40 degree weather. If you'd like to catch up on the sloooowwww progress check it out here and here. If you can't recall what this chair looked liked before here you go:

And here is what it looks like now:

The somewhat finished product.  There are a few more things that need finished: the cording, the seat cushion cover sewed on, the bottom screwed back on, and the felt covering up the underside of the seat. 

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