Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Where oh where has my little crafting spot gone?

Besides d.i.y.-ing, antiquing furniture, and decorating my home, I also enjoy scrapbooking and card making. But as of late my crafting station has lost its home, not once but thrice. The first spot was a perfect little niche in my laundry room where I could set up shop quite comfortably. Out of the way from little fingers and noisy television sets. But sadly, it was never meant to be. Because as soon as we moved in to our little house the hubs and I realized we needed an area for our dog's kennel to go. And wouldn't you know the kennel fit perfectly in my little laundry room niche. { Insert deep sigh, here}. 

So I moved my things to an open area next to the dining room table and the fireplace. It worked well for a while even though I couldn't sit down to do my projects and the dining room table became more of my scrapbooking station then the actual area delegated to do so. But a couple of weeks ago, you may remember this incident happening?

Luckily, no scrapbooking paper or cricut cartridges were damaged during this dilemma. But that meant I had to pack up my things and move them to another location. The next journey my crafting station traveled to was thankfully not far, but short lived as well. I put my crafting supplies under a small bar height counter we have in the dining room, just as a temporary spot until the construction area by the fireplace is taken care of. I still had no where to sit and mainly did my projects at the dining room table. And little baby E was becoming more and more curious about touching mommy's pretty papers :). 

I lived with all of this until just yesterday when my aunt picked up baby E a portable high chair that can attach to dining tables. It was meant to go on our dining room table but it doesn't attach securely to it, so we moved it to, you guessed it the bar height counter I mentioned earlier. So me and my crafting station are homeless, again. Oh well.

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